Bridlington Hotels

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East Riding of Yorkshire is famed for its historic market towns and on the coast, towards the northern part of the county lies Bridlington, the perfect example. Much of the historic appeal of the town remains, including the Priory Church of St Mary, and the old market place but there is much more for visitors besides its history. In addition to the Old Town, there is Bridlington Quay, to which visitors flock each summer to enjoy the superb beaches and bathing, the resort attractions, and the natural beauty of the dramatic coast. Bridlington hotels do good business and are well established in delivering everything required for an enjoyable stay in the town.

The centre of the Old Town lies inland, around a mile from the Quay. With its origins in Norman times, the town grew around the old priory, the importance of which is shown by the visit of Henry V to give thanks for victory at the Battle of Agincourt. A notable history for sure but it was not until the 19th century that a little port on the coast was transformed into the biggest attraction in town and the Quay and all its seaside fun and activities remain the biggest draw for visitors today. This is also where most of the Bridlington hotels are found, many of which date from the Victorian era.

There is something uniquely charming about the Victorian seaside resorts all around Britain and these grand Bridlington hotels typify the character and history of the period every bit as much as the classic promenade attractions and pier shows. Typically built on the seafront, they combine superb sea views with elegant furnishings and impeccable service to provide a level of accommodation which is rare amongst more modern establishments. Great dining environments and guest lounges will feature prominently and guest rooms will be equipped with all the modern amenities such as satellite television and often WiFi too.

Large Bridlington hotels will certainly make any stay feel special but there are benefits in staying in the smaller properties too. Not least of these is the price and for a short break by the seaside, a small independent hotel can provide the perfect base to enjoy all the town has to offer. Accommodation is generally offered per night on a bed and breakfast basis but evening meals may be available too and there are often special deals for weekend breaks and longer stays. Most hotels will be within easy reach of the town's most popular attractions and local proprietor knowledge can go a long way to making the best use of available time.

A further accommodation option is given by the traditional inns in the town. There are many pubs, some as old as the town itself and as well as offering comfortable accommodation, the lively pub atmosphere will add some colour to any stay and there is usually some great pub food to be had too. Away from the centre of town there are roadside lodges and coaching inns which will generally have a wider range of facilities, from event spaces for hosting meetings and weddings to beer gardens, charming courtyards and gardens.

Tourist information should be available within all of the Bridlington hotels and those who spend all their time within the Quay and beach areas are missing out on some incredible sights. There is all the history of the Old Town, which is definitely worth checking out and just along the coast is Flamborough Head, a stunning cliff outcrop, famed for its bird colonies and its historic lighthouse. A trip to the seaside has never been quite so wide in its appeal.